Having a dog is a great experience in one’s life. It not only teaches you responsibility, but how to take care of something. And that is what your objective should be, keeping your pet safe. You need to think of ways that will protect your dog wherever you go. So many dog owners tend to just stick them in the back of a truck and think they’ll stay. Remember, they are animals and may jump off the back gate if left unattended.

Some Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

front seat

A rule of thumb is to never keep your dog in the front seat. If he is not leashed, there is the chance of him wandering around while you’re driving. The combination can become dangerous, and you can also end up with a fine if caught.

Dogs that are put in the front seat tend to get anxious. You’ll want to prevent this from happening by rolling down the window. You don’t have to roll it down the whole way as the dog may jump out. Only roll it down so enough so he can get some air. This will keep him from panicking.

Back Seat & Seatbelts

If you are going to take your dog on trips with you, you will want to keep him in the back seat. The only problem with this is that many tend to get car sick if they can’t see where they are at all times. By keeping pets in the back, you will prevent any mishaps from occurring. The dog will only be limited to one section of your vehicle. Also, try and put a seatbelt on for your dog. Yes, these days, there are different types of car seatbelts available that are specifically for dogs.

Also, you may want to put a tarp down just in case. Use a thick tarp that can handle any type of pet mess. You will want to have a roll of paper towels on you as well.

Stop every so many miles and check on your canine companion. If he is getting too hot or sleeping the entire time, then there could be something wrong. A healthy dog will stick his nose out the window, while a sick one will not eat or drink. Become aware of this problem before it happens.


Crates are a great way to travel with your pets. They serve as pens for them so they can be transported. These are also good because they serve as a sleeping chamber for them. The area is cool and dark, making the conditions great for sleeping.

When purchasing a crate, make sure that it will fit the dog. Companies sell them in a range of sizes from the smallest dog to the largest. Keep in mind that not all crates will fit in your vehicle.

Water and Treats

Just like humans, dogs also need water to survive. Whenever you take them along with you, always take some cold water. Dogs tend to become dehydrated very quickly and need water to replenish them. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking them down the road or across several states. They need water.

You can use bottled water. Just bring a cooler and ice with you. You don’t want to give them warm water as that will only make them want more. Make sure the water is ice cold. You can also bring a cooler or canteen and fill that with water. Water is really inexpensive and required for good health.

Treats are another thing to bring along on any kind of trip. If you’re eating, your dog should too. Bring tiny bones or biscuits that he can nibble on. You don’t want your dog to think that you’re taking him to the vet or some other horrifying experience like that. Reward him once in a while with a treat.


A lot of dogs tend to get hip and joint problems. Some companies are now making steps for your pet to get in and out of your vehicle. You don’t want them jumping in and out every time they travel. These steps easily fold up so you can take them with you when traveling.

Steps are also good for pets that suffer from joint pain. Their knees absorb so much of the impact getting in and out of a vehicle. It can be really painful to them. That’s why using steps will eliminate this problem. You won’t have to see your dog suffer any more.


An inexpensive and economical way to travel with your dog is to buy a gate. A gate will prevent him from wandering up front with you while you’re driving. You can use this on bigger dogs as it could become really dangerous if they come up front while driving.

Just open the gate and put it between the front and back seat. It will lock into place and will keep you and your pet safe. Gates are available at most pet stores and are relatively inexpensive. But if you’re looking for something you may have around the house, look for a baby gate. They serve the same purpose.

Lap Dogs

If you own a small pet such as a Miniature Pinscher or another toy dog, never put him on your lap while driving. That could end up potentially endangering you and your dog’s life. You will also receive a fine if you are caught with a dog on your lap. Many states differ with their rules about pets in a car, but laps are not one rule they are lenient on.

Make sure that your pet is secured in the back seat before taking off. Smaller dogs may require the use of a crate and they may need a seat belt. Always make sure that you and your pet are protected at all times.

If they are in the front seat they could be seriously hurt by an air bag in the event of a car accident. Never let them sit in the front!