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Making Sense of Full Coverage Car Insurance

The first thing to do to comprehend full coverage auto insurance is to understand what it is exactly. The only problem is this can vary slightly from state to state as well with different companies and their policy coverage. The best idea is to make sure you have what you need, include what you want and then shop for full coverage auto insurance quotes to get the best deals possible. Cheap full coverage auto insurance does exist; it is just a matter of finding it.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance vs. Liability

Making Sense of Full Coverage Car Insurance

In some states, these are pretty much the same guidelines the state has in place for the minimum requirements. To understand where the differences may be, however, first know what liability insurance is:

  • Liability is the type of auto insurance that is a minimum mandatory policy in every state except for one. In fact, getting caught driving without the required amount of liability auto insurance can result in hefty fines and penalties against your driving record. Even if you are not driving but leave a gap of 30 days or more in your policy, you may find your rates increase considerably when you try to reinstate your policy.
  • If you are ever in an accident in which you are considered the driver at fault and responsible for the collision, your liability car insurance will ensure that a good majority of the expenses are covered by the liability policy. However, liability insurance does not cover the vehicle or the medical expenses of the driver.
  • Full coverage insurance is often the next step up from liability. What this type of policy does is cover both sides for damage done to the vehicle and any medical expenses either party needs to have paid. In some states, full coverage is mandatory instead of just liability. Of course, some states also require “no fault” insurance, just like SR22 policies are mandatory for some “high risk” drivers in some states and not others.

Look at Full Coverage Auto Insurance Like a Math Equation

If you took liability auto insurance and added a collision and or comprehensive policy, this would equal full coverage car insurance. The idea is for the end result to leave the drivers on both sides able to recover financially from a collision.

What are some ways to get cheap full coverage auto insurance?

  • Work with your deductible. While you do not want to raise your deductible too much, if you raise it to higher than where it is currently at you are bound to save some money.
  • Add what you need, but opt out of extras you really do not think you will need. Also, make sure to adjust your policy when needed. If your teenaged son moves off to college, make sure you aren’t still paying high full coverage car insurance rates for this.

In fact, get cheap full coverage auto insurance rates by doing an annual check on how your policy premiums compare to others. Before renewing your full coverage car insurance, just enter your zip code and get rates from insurance providers who want to be your new agency.